Ganga is the living Goddess in between us and High Court has ordered Ganga as living entity, But supreme Court is not satisfied by this and declined this order.


Uttarakhand High Court gave rights of living entity to River Ganga and Yamuna in its historic decision on 20th March 2017. But the Uttarakhand Government had challenged this decision of the Uttarakhand High Court in the Supreme Court. The provision of legal rights as a living person means that any affected person could file a FIR for any damage done to the Ganga just as one can file a FIR for someone dumping garbage in one’s house. The Supreme Court has stayed the High Court decision on Friday 07-07-2017. You can see our earlier post regarding the remaining problems in High Court decision here.

Gangotri temple (Photo by Arupamdas: wikicommon)

River Ganga is worshiped as living Goddess in india. At Gangotri and other places, temples and statues of Ganga are worshiped. So by challenging the decision of the High Court, the Uttarakhand Government has gone against a basic tenet of Hinduism.

Statue of Ganga at Haridwar (Photo by Shakti: wikicommon)

Bhartiya Janta Party has its origin in the RSS. The RSS was established by Shri Keshav Balram Hedgewar to protect the Hindu Religion. Therefore it is a matter of surprise that the party created to protect the Hindu religion has gone to the Supreme Court against a basic tenet of Hinduism. It is also a matter of concern that the Supreme Court has stayed the decision of the Uttarakhand High Court without hearing the caveator.

After coming to power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that “now we have nothing to take from Ganga only we have to give Ganga”. In this context we urge to Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi to give instructions to the Uttarakhand Government to withdraw the petition made in the Supreme Court.


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