Artificial Ground Water Recharge System north-west San Fernando Valley (Photo by: L.A.Aqueduct Centennial)

India shoud also adopt the Artificial Ground Water Recharge system to conserve our Rivers for our  future.


Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Israel. There was a heavy scarcity of water earlier in Israel. But now they are using the process of Artificial Ground Water Recharge, by which they have increased the availability of water for human uses.

Artificial Ground Water Recharge means that partly treated groundwater is spread on the land and it percolates into the groundwater aquifer. This procedure provides the following benefits: 

·        By the Artificial Ground Water Recharge System the water storage does not evaporate, therefore by this, total amount of water can be reuse.

·        By this method the expenditure on water cleaning will be decrease by the treating water in treatment plant in single time.              

Pure water is extracted from the groundwater aquifer and another place where there is need of water.

Previously, Israel was directly putting polluted water into the aquifer but this was leading to inadequate cleaning hence now they are partly treating and then putting it into groundwater aquifer. A table is given below showing that spreading of water in ground have increased.

(Table taken by Schwarz and J. Bear’s Report - Report is attached here)

In India, Bengaluru had initiated the same process. According to Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board: 

“We have proposed a project of artificial wet land, an Israeli technology, to Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. The project will cost `10 crore. It will involve setting up a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and using vegetation to recharge ground water. We will be using this method.”  We can see the news regarding adoptation of israeli technology by bengaluru.

One of the main purposes of Tehri Dam is to supply drinking water to Delhi. The Tehri Dam can be removed if Delhi adopts this technology and reuses its sewage as being done in Israel.  

We request to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make it compulsory for all Indian cities to adopt this technology so that the demand for removing fresh water from our rivers is reduced and dams like Tehri can be removed.      

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