High Court Orders To Seal Hotels Ashrams Factories For Polluting Reason

Purity of Ganga River is ruined due to polution by the hotels, ashrams and factories which should be banned completely for saving Ganga.


We welcome the orders given by the High Court to keep the river clean but the main reason for the river being polluted is to reduce the flow in the river. Purity comes from drift, as the water kept in the leaf starts rotting after one week, while dancing water in the shower is pure. This law is also applicable for the cleanliness of the rivers.

The natural beauty of river water is found in the natural animals. Fish is the main in them. By making the barge, the fish have adverse effects. Fishes are unable to reach their reproductive areas. By not reaching the progeny, they have to lay eggs in appropriate places, due to which it gets wimp. At present time, Hilsa fish coming from Bangladesh unable to cross Farakka Barrage. Earlier this fish was found up to Allahabad. By making a barrage in Narora, Hardwar and Rishikesh, the size of Mahseer is also getting smaller. These creatures make the water of the river clean by drinking pollution of water. So the quality of water can be judged by the fish. The river in which the best species of fish is found, the river should be considered clean. Fish reflects the quality of water, in the same way as rose flower shows the health of the garden. In the photo below, you can see clearly that what the status of river in Vishnuprayaag is. 

River at Vishnupryag

You can see that the water in the river below the Vishnuprayaag project is null. Due to the drying of the river, fishes and other aquatic creatures gets end. This damaged the river's water. For this reason, the water of Ganga in Kanpur, Banaras, Patna and Kolkata is bad.

 Similarly, the entire water is removed from the Narora Barrage, which makes Ganga almost dry, you can see in the photo given below. Water is above the barrage. Below there is only one small stream.

Photo sincerely Google Earth, 08-04-2017

Despite several alternate reports and court orders, the government is not paying attention to leaving sufficient water in the river, which is a matter of concern. UP High Court Allahabad has ordered that 50% water is required to release in Ganga in Uttar Pradesh.(See Order Para "c" page 3-4). Second, the report of the Ministry of Water Resources says that on average, 55 percent of water in Rishikesh should leave for the environment. (See MOWR report page 30). Similarly, a study conducted on Yamuna River said that in Yamuna, it is necessary to leave 50-60% of water for the environment. Despite all these reports, steps are being taken to release 50% of the water in the river by the government. Today, the amount of water in the Ganges has been left due to drainage of power projects and irrigation. This is a matter of crisis for the Ganges. We are giving below photos of a river flowing beneath the river when Ganga pollution can be free only when there is enough water in the Ganga.

aviral flow of river Ganga

It is a welcome step to seal pollution hotels by the government but there is lack of water for the pollution of the Ganges at present, which is completely drained for hydropower project and irrigation and the Ganga is dried up. Shri Narendra Modi has a urge appeal to arrange to leave 50% of the water in the Ganga only if there is a sense of sealing of hotels and tightening of industries. Without doing so, the Ganga cannot be purified.  

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