सरकार द्वारा गई गंगा गायत्री का संरक्षण हो: राज्रजेश्वराश्रम

There is a similarity in Cow and River Ganga. therefore as the laws are ment for protection of Cow, such similar laws should also be ment for the protection of ganga also.


The basis of Cow, Ganga and Gayatri, is Sanatan culture. Although the government has proved to be effective on the cow, which should also be. The government looks though to stop the cow slaughter, which we openly welcome, but like the cow,Ganga is the basis of eternal culture. As the cow is worship able, the Ganges is also a sacred symbol of spirituality. Despite being a symbol of the faith of millions of people, the Ganga is being defrauded. The glory of the Ganga is coming from ages. Ganga's stream is full of divine medicines and vegetation due to the path of the Himalayas, hence Ganga Jal is considered as the imcomparisable. Gangajal is considered as Brahmadhara in Indian Hindu religion. Goswami Tulsidas ji has called the Ganga as Mukti Dayini:  

दरश, परस, मज्जन अरु पाना | हरहिं पाप, कह वेद पुराना||

नदी पुनीत अमित महिमा अति | कही न सकई सारदा बिमल मति|| (रामचरितमानस: बालकाण्ड 34)

That is, the sight of the Ganges, touch, bath and drink, all kinds of sins are destroyed. This river is very sacred; its glory is infinite, which cannot even say great Saraswati of intellect.

worshipers in Haridwar

 But today, on average, water is removed from Bheemgoda near Hardwar. The water that remains in the Ganges, beyond that, is the water of the streams and the water of the other rivers. Similarly, due to hydropower projects in other places, there is no water in the Ganges, due to which the spiritual power of Ganga is being destroyed. Although the government is working on the pollution of the Ganga, we welcome it but the religious significance of the Ganga will not be merely to reduce the pollution. The Ganga will have to give continuous flow. The present problems of the Ganges are as follows:

 ·       Irrigation - Nearly all water from Bheemgoda near Hardwar is removed for irrigation.

 ·       Hydroelectric power projects - In the name of power projects, the continuous stream of Ganga is being interrupted. In addition to the many major dams currently present, new dams are being given to the Ganga. This will put the life of the Ganges in jeopardy.

 ·       Mining - the elements contained in the soil of the Ganges are being destroyed due to mining. Water flowing from the Ganges is being affected by mining.  We urge Modi Ji to protect the Ganga's spiritual influence on the lines of cow:

 ·       Start the movement for the Ganges on the lines of the cow.

 ·       Consider the options of irrigation and hydroelectric projects along with pollution.   



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