The name Allahabad is drawn from “Allah.” It means habitation of Allaha. The name drew attention of the people to Allah. In Islam Allah has no form and it is all powerful and all knowledgeable. In Christianity there is only one God which has no form and which is all powerful. In Hinduism Parmatma is also without any form and is all powerful. Therefore the name Allahabad draws attention of the people to the power of Allah or Parmatma. On the other hand, the name Prayagraj is drawn from “Prayag.” It means confluence of rivers. The Ganga and Yamuna confluence here hence the name Prayagraj. This name draws attention of the people to the spiritual powers of the Ganga. Now what are these powers? Hindu psychology believes that there are seven chakras or psychic centres in the spinal cord. Each chakra controls certain parts of the human body and also has certain psychic aspects represented by a particular deity.

Seven Chakras of the spinal column.

We can understand these these seven chakras as below:

Serial No. Chakra Colour Phychic Power Deity
1. Root (Base of spine) Deep Red Security Devi
2. Sacral (Below Navel) Orange Sex, Energy Ganesha
3. Navel (Navel) Yellow Activity Vishnu
4. Heart (Heart) Blue Emotions Shiva
5. Throat (Throat) Violet Communication Brahma
6. 3rd Eye (Behind Eyes) White Thinking Indra
7. Crown (Skull) Transparent Universal Energy Allah, Parmatma

Ganga is considered to be incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The name Ganga is uses the consonant “G” twice. “G” has a deep connection with movement as it is used in the word “Go”. This matches with the Solar Plexus Chakra which controls activity and determination. Therefore the Ganga invigorates the navel chakra and gives a person activity and determination.

Lord Vishnu links Ganga in Navel chakra

Now we can see the psychic impact of the names Allahabad and Prayagraj. The name Allahabad is connected with the crown chakra and helps a person connect with Allah or Parmatma. The name Prayagraj connects with the navel chakra and helps a person become more active and determined. The choice is whether we will focus attention on the universal energy as indicated in the name Allahabad or the human activity as indicated in the name Ganga.

Ganga is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Our understanding is that Hinduism is under decline and Islam is under essence because we are focusing on the specific chakras in the spinal column just as the name Ganga or the Prayagraj focuses on the naval chakra. On the other hand, Islam focuses on the crown chakra and connects with the universal energy. Let us look at it at this way that if a person chants the name Ganga repeatedly his activity will be increased, his navel chakra will be activated. However, if the same person chants the Allah repeatedly then he will connect with universal energy and all his chakras will be activated. This is the reason why Islam is growing across the world. Islam connects directly with the power of all the chakras whereas Hinduism connects with only specific chakra through various deities.

By changing the name from Allahabad to Prayagraj we are defocusing from the Parmatma or Universal Energy and focusing on the power of Vishnu. Therefore it is a kind of regression. We are coming from a higher level to the lower level. An alternative would be to name Prayagraj as Parmatmabad so that the focus remained on the universal energy. If we named Allahabad as Parmatmabad then we would have rewritten history and brought the place to own ancient glory at the same time we would have maintain our focus on the higher spiritual powers of God.

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