Namami Gange is the Mission launched by the Indian Government in October 2016 for revival and Rejuvenation of our National of River Ganga. According to mission, Namami Gange has focused on River Surface Cleaning, Crematoria modernization, Ghat repair, Rural Sanitation, Municipal Sewage Management, and Afforestation (see here)


Below we can see the trash skimmer machines working under the Namami Gange mission:

We can see below the river before and after surface cleaning:

But the Namami Gange distracts from other major issues of the Ganga:

  • Constructions of the Hydro power projects are leading to loss of spirituality of Ganga Jal and loss of biodiversity (We can see the IIT report for our reference).
  • Large amount of Ganga water used for irrigation is killing the Ganga downstream of Narora.
  • The constructions of inland waterways is leading to increased pollution and killing aquatic life.
  • Farakka Barrage is leading to salt water ingress in Bengal, and floods in Bihar.

We request to Namami Gange mission that instead of only focusing on Ganga cleaning we should focus on these major issues due to which Ganga is actually losing its existence; and not distract attention from these basic issues.

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