Mission Statement

1. Hydropower

Hydropower projects should remove water from the river by making a partial obstruction so that upstream migration of fish and downstream flow of sediments is unaffected.


2. Tehri

Tehri Dam must be decommissioned. Monsoon water must by stored in groundwater aquifers in the plains.


3. Irrigation

Volumetric pricing of water must be done for irrigation. The price of agricultural produce must be increased to compensate the farmer for this additional burden.


4. Pollution

All industries must be required to make Zero Liquid Discharge. Municipalities must be required to use treated sewage for irrigation.

Pollution of Ganga 2

5. Farakka

A new barrage with undersluices should be made to divert water from Ganga into the old bed of the Hooghly.

farakka 2

6. Sunderbans

We must renegotiate the Farakka Treaty with Bangladesh to provide flood flows to Sunderbans so that sediments are pushed to the mouths of the Ganga and counteract erosion.