Ganga cure for Covid

Ganga cure for Covid

Welcome to trials of curative properties of Ganga Water.

A number of volunteers have taken Ganga Water orally, topically or by inhalation in the last three months. We have been able to obtain the data for 17 volunteers. Among them 80 percent have found benefits in digestive disorders, 60 percent in neurological, 50 percent in dermatological, 40 percent in arthritis and 35 percent in mental health and diabetes and 30 percent in respiratory disorders. The negative impact on BP has been seen in volunteers who have taken by inhalation. They continue to take orally with beneficial results on other morbidities. About 70 volunteers are taking Ganga Water and we are in the process of obtaining the results. Details are given in the accompanying chart. Weakness of this data is that there is no control sample. These results nevertheless show that Ganga water has wide-spectrum curative properties. The phages in the Ganga could work directly against the bacteria. Moreover, Professor Andrez Grosky of Poland has suggested that beneficent phages can help eukaryotic cells resist attack from pathogenic viruses like Covid-19.

The National Environment Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur has found that waters of Upper Ganga have about 200 types of phages which are about 20 times more than found in the waters of the Yamuna and the Narmada. Moreover, NEERI has found that Ganga water has higher levels of copper and radioactive thorium and some unique vegetational content. The combined effect of these could be the wide-spectrum curative properties as reported above.

We had submitted a proposal in this direction to ICMR which was turned down due to lack of clinical evidence. We invite you to join us in making a clinical trial of the use of Ganga Water for curing various diseases to create the needed evidence. We are happy to send water from Upper Ganga for this purpose. Participating doctors from allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic or other streams can administer Ganga Water to a number of volunteers; and not to a control sample and examine the different impacts. We can then publish the results for the benefit of mankind. You may kindly like to visit here for more details

Dr Bharat Jhunjhunwala, Former Professor of Economics, Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru, Ganga Today Trust, Uttarakhand.

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