Is Bangladesh really getting success in climate change mitigation?

The carbon emissions from India will affect Bangladesh but so will the carbon emissions from all other countries. The carbon emission issue is a global issue.  For Bangladesh perspective on India it is more important to focus on the reasons for flooding in Bangladesh. The Indo-Bangladesh agreement on sharing if the Ganga waters at Farakka Barrage provides 50-50 percent distribution of water. However the sediments are going 90 percent to Bangladesh and only 10 percent to Hoogly. This is the major cause for disposition of sediments and flood hawk in Bangladesh. The problem is compounded by the abstraction of Ganga waters by India for irrigation which is leading to reduction in flood flows and the ability of the Ganga River to flush the sediments to the sea both in India and Bangladesh. So we have floods in Bihar and floods in Bangladesh both due to arresting of floods.

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